The Seven Secret Weapons for Crushing a SIM Card Attack

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Mar 15, 2019

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Top 5 Things:
What is Bitcoin Used For?

What is bitcoin used for? The top 5 answers show how bitcoin is our modern day financial super ...

Nov 11, 2016

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Super Nova: What is a Bitcoin Worth?

Asking what is bitcoin worth and what is the price of bitcoin are not the same question. Securi...

Oct 26, 2016

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Banks to Bitcoin:
If You Can't Beat 'em
Join 'em

The Bitcoin Blockchain is known as The Blockchain and all other blockchains need qualification ...

Oct 07, 2016

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4 Bitcoin Plays Teach Kids
What They Can't Learn from Banks

Financial education has been left out of the US school system yet experience with money may be ...

Oct 02, 2016

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Banking Burnout Bonanza:
Trapped in a Circular Reference

I couldn't believe how fast the Banking Burnout Bonanza™ (BBB) struck again since the las...

Sep 11, 2016

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Gettin' Paid (in bitcoin)
Never Felt So Good

For a W-2 employee or a classic under the table cash guy nothing feels better than getting paid...

Sep 02, 2016

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Banking Burnout Bonanza:
Selling Something
Not for Sale

This is another blog post in a series called Banking Burnout Bonanza™ inspired by a chapt...

Aug 26, 2016

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Shorting The Next Big Shortâ„¢

Remember 2008? How many times do I have to say it? When we hear 2008 we immediately think of Th...

Aug 19, 2016

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Many People Are Saying:
Bitcoin is a Powerful Choice

Have you heard the buzz about bitcoin and blockchains? It's actually been going on for 8 years ...

Aug 13, 2016

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The Cost of Rolling Back Fraud on Blockchains

You've probably heard of both bitcoin and blockchains by now however you may not have known the...

Aug 04, 2016

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The 3 Dimensions of
Bitcoin Conversion

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be converted to and from almost every fiat money. Bitcoi...

Jul 15, 2016

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Bitcoin Accepted Here:
The Easy 8's of Effortless Adoption

Why should you accept bitcoin? The answer is very simple. Having bitcoin eliminates the followi...

Jul 07, 2016

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Extreme Credit Card Chaos
3-Way Call, $300 & 3 Weeks

I was excited to order 50 copies of my new book, The Ultimate Bitcoin Business Guide, to give awa...

Jun 30, 2016

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Accept Bitcoin: 5 Weapons
for Getting Paid Instantly

Choosing to accept bitcoin is actually the hard part while setting up your business to accept b...

Jun 23, 2016

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3 Lightning Fast Ways to
Hedge the Price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most revolutionary technology in human history. Bitcoin crosses language, techno...

Jun 16, 2016

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Banking Burnout Bonanza: A $25 Fraud and an $888,888.88 Overdraft

BBB Blog #1: This is the first blog post in a series called Banking Burnout Bonanza™ ins...

Jun 10, 2016

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How to Pay With Bitcoin Using 5 Simple Tricks

It's far easier spending bitcoin than buying bitcoin, which can take longer if you've never had...

Jun 02, 2016

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The Best Bitcoin Definition Explained by 4 Opposites

Just 20 short years ago people where asking what is an email the same way people today are aski...

May 27, 2016

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5 Remedies for
Bitcoin Tax Headaches

Bitcoin the technology and bitcoin the digital currency are amazing in every way except when it...

May 17, 2016

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Best Tips for Where to
Buy Bitcoins Instantly

I got an email the other day from a CPA asking how they can help a client buy lots of bitcoin r...

May 09, 2016

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Extreme Credit Card Chaos
Address Handcuffing

CCC Blog #2: I was visiting a friend in NYC and found myself in his apartment on a rare Saturd...

Apr 26, 2016

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Extreme Credit Card Chaos
Zip Code Highjacking #2

CCC Blog #1 Part 2: Make sure to read Part 1 if you haven't done so. A Billion Dollar Com...

Apr 18, 2016

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Extreme Credit Card Chaos
Zip Code Highjacking #1

CCC Blog #1 Part 1: This is the first blog post in a series called Credit Card Chaos™ in...

Apr 10, 2016

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How to Complete a Banking Transaction Without a Bank

New Year's Day fell on a Friday in 2016 creating a worldwide 3 day banking holiday adding 3 day...

Jan 09, 2016

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