Global Crypto Advisors

"A boutique crypto CPA firm"

A modern CPA firm for modern technology

Crypto Security

We take your and our security as seriously as securing crypto assets

Crypto Privacy

Client confidentiality is part of the CPA code of professional conduct

Crypto Trust

CPAs are the most trusted professionals in the world 

~ We Know Crypto ~

We use and study crypto & blockchain everyday. 

Security and privacy are the DNA of our services.

Self-sovereign assets, communications and data.

Professional Crypto Service Areas

CFO Services
& Advisory

Trust an outsourced crypto CFO to provide technology, processes and insight on short or long-term basis

Virtual Accounting

Outsource your back office crypto accounting, tax, tech and best practices for wallets & transactions

Business Taxes
Individual Taxes

Feel at ease with expert crypto tax planning, prep, amended returns, foreign & specialty reporting

Complex Issues
Special Forces

Get expert teaming to solve complex crypto issues with possible legal & financial consequences

"Crypto, blockchain and DeFi require a unique knowledge set and we love helping start-ups and businesses in the space."

Kirk Phillips, CPA, CMA, CFE, CBP

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