Coronavirus Tax Relief (Links to Dept of Revenue for ALL 50 States)

Dept of Revenue Links by State

Many states have created dedicated webpages to address special Coronavirus tax relief on the state level. The links are posted on the Dept of Revenue homepage and we also included links to the Dept of Revenue that don't have a dedicated page becuase they may create one in the future and you can access it from here. 

In addition, the state may post COVID19 relief on their Dept of Revenue page rather than creating a dedicated page. 

Alabama Dept. of Revenue 

Alaska Dept. of Revenue

Arizona Dept. of Revenue

Arkansas Dept. of Revenue

California Dept. of Revenue

Colorado Dept. of Revenue

Connecticut Dept. of Revenue

Delaware Dept. of Revenue

Florida Dept. of Revenue

Georgia Dept. of Revenue

Hawaii Dept. of Revenue

Idaho Dept. of Revenue

Illinois Dept. of Revenue

Indiana Dept. of Revenue

Iowa Dept. of Revenue

Kansas Dept. of Revenue

Kentucky Dept. of Revenue

Louisiana Dept. of Revenue

Maine Dept. of Revenue

Maryland Dept. of Revenue

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Top 5 Tips for a Headache-Free SBA Coronavirus Disaster Loan Application

Let's face it every business owner despises forms and applications especially when it comes to loans and money. Couple that with unchartered territory related to the Coronavirus and you may have an ultra low band width to complete the form.

Here are the Top 5 TIps to get the form complete as fast as possible with the fewest headaches.

  • APPLY for Disaster Loan HERE
  • CHECK Current Declared Disaster Areas HERE
  • QUICK Summary of Terms is HERE
  • SMALL Business size standards can be found HERE

TOP 5 Headache-Free Tips:

1) START at the right time of day or night:

Per the SBAs own application portal the recommended hours to complete the application are 7am to 7pm EST or 10am to 10pm PST.  This warning is true because we pulled our hair out attempting this the first time.

You may get into the application process but you are likely to get kicked out and have to start over. Don't put this stress on yourself. (see screenshot of hours below). You are also constantly prompted to click the save...

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