Consensys Cypto Tax Special 2017

 "Consensys Cypto Special 2017"

 Working with us:
1) Schedule a call here to review your situation
2) Sign a tax engagement letter with Docusign
3) Pay retainer in ETH, BTC, PayPal or other as agreed
4) Use a shared folder via Mega, Keybase, Dropbox, Box or other for document sharing
5) Last Pass is used to share credentials when necessary
6) We use Signal, WhatsApp, Skype, Protonmail, regular email and others
7) Finished returns are filed electronically and copies are shared in pdf format

The process is the same, however we are flexible on the choice of platforms for communication and file sharing etc. because some clients desire one platform over another.

Fee Stucture:

1) $147/hour
2) $800 retainer
3) $800 minimum charge
4) Plus computer/software charges for tax filing

***Includes my book care package a $97 value for free 




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